Graphic Design

“Journey of the Ring” Lord of the Rings / New Zealand   |   Travel Brochure

LOTR/New Zealand - Travel Brochure

 Lambda Kappa Tau – Film Fraternity   |   Recruitment Brochure

Lambda Kappa Tau - Recruitment Brochure

“72 Hour Film Festival” LKT – Film Fraternity   |   Event Poster

LKT 72H Film Festival - Poster

“Escape to Tranquility” Bar Harbor, Maine   |   Magazine Travel Article

Bar Harbor, Maine - Travel Article

World War I – “The War to End All Wars”   |   A 3-Page Preview of a 12-Page Educational History Booklet

"The War to End All Wars" - History Educational Booklet Design

“True Freedom” – National Reading Month   |   4 Inspired Stamp Designs

National Reading Month - Stamp Design

“Towson Voice” Election Party   |   2013 Election – Facebook Logo

Towson Voice - Facebook Logo Design

“Do You Feel Heard?” – Towson Voice   |   2013 Election – Poster

Towson Voice - Advertisement Poster

“Raise Your Voice!” Baltimore Youth Broadcasting Radio   |   Logo Contest – 2010 Design



“Raise Your Voice!” BYB Radio   |   Logo Contest – Shirt Mock-up

BYB Radio - Contest Shirt Design

 “Ninja Series!” DC Shoes   |   Shoe Design Contest Submission

Shoe Design - DC Ninja! [3-4 View]

Shoe Design - DC Ninja! [Side View]