A Life without Struggle is not a Life worth Living

Metamorphosis, of ourselves and of our souls, is something each of us one strive to experience. Most people believe that with time, age, and developed wisdom, our personal transformation will gradually come… and I promise you, this is a not true.

The metamorphosis of a man, a woman, a human being, or anything else in this world, comes with finding ones purpose and devoting oneself completely to turning our thoughts, dreams, and desires, in all aspects of our life, into reality. There is natural change in this world. Aging, growing, movement from one place to another within our lives, but this is not Metamorphosis. It is simply the passage of Time. Just because one is alive does not mean they are truly living. To live, you must find yourself or devote your life to doing so. This should be your purpose. Whether there is a heaven or hell or nothingness after this life. The one sure thing we do know is that you only have one life and one chance to experience all this world has to offer, and live you should.

What do you want out of your life? This is a monstrous question to face but it’s also an important one and the younger you are as you begin to contemplate this powerful question, the greater your opportunity is to figure this important question out. Time is your ally.

After years of contemplation on this meaningful question, the things I know I want out of life are

True love, true connection with the people around me in my life, and true happiness, which I can pursue by living each day trying to full-fill my life’s purpose, to change the world. I was born to and with every fiber of my existence, I know this to be true.

Every life, every moment, every chance, every choice, every decision, every gift, every tragedy, every thing matters and makes a difference in this world. Each occurrence, like a stone dropped into water, sends ripples into the ocean of the world. Each ripple has the power to change the tides of our lives and of our world. All we have to do is do our best to make a splash.

So how will you make a Splash?
How will you reach Metamorphosis?

Only you can decide. Many people go through their entire lives never knowing the answers to what they want out of life, and so they live out their days comfortably and sometimes happily, but never truly fulfilled or with purpose. Purpose can be discovered in many places and in many ways, but it always begins with you thinking about what you want out of life.

I challenge you to answer the question “What do you want out of Life?”


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