A Life Changing Moment and a Realized Truth

It all begins with the realization, that as one man, as one human being, you have the power and potential to do anything you can dream of or imagine. People see limitations and believe that one is limited by their God born place and circumstance, their God given abilities and attributes, but these factors are untrue and meaningless. These factors only have power over you if you choose to let them. One man can make a difference. One man can change the world. If one God created everything we know and we were created in his image, then what is it to say that we ourselves do not bear the same potential to sculpt and change the universe. As one man. One being.

I don’t believe in fate or predetermined destiny. We decide our own fate, we choose the direction of our own destiny and this is decided by our words, our actions, our faith, and self-chosen path. No man is born great, they become great through tireless hard work, sacrifice, and an undying dedication to achieve success. I want to be one of those men. A person who changed the face of the Earth when the world told me no single person can possibly do so.

Looking back on my life, years from now, May 24th 2013 will be the day that I will remember as the greatest turning point in my life. It will be remembered as the day an incredible girl changed my life. May 24th, the day Angela Cannaliato accepted my engagement proposal. The day was not perfect. Windy and rainy. My pant legged ripped. We were late for her graduation ceremony, and my proposal plan was not very masterfully planned. But it was a day that I decided to do something great in my life and I made it happen. I proposed to her right after her graduation ceremony at Towson University, right in front of her family and even with everything else wrong in the universe and in my life, the moment was perfect. A special beautiful, perfect moment together, we will forever cherish, for the rest of our lives.

That day, that decision, that moment stirred something awake in my soul, the realization that the power to create my own happiness has always been in my own hands and in my own control. I didn’t discover the girl of my dreams or work so hard to build an incredible relationship because of fate, but because I chose to make that fate, my fate, to make Angela Cannaliato, my future, my dream come true, and my destiny to be with. If there is a God, he may have created us, but we chose to find each other and be together. Fate is in all of our hands to decide on, we just need to be strong enough to realize that truth and to be relentless in pursuing it.

I want to be a comic book creator. A story writer. A game designer. A board game maker. A toymaker. A well-known artist. An actor. A movie maker. A musician. A song writer. A poet. An inspirational speaker. A company owner. A published novelist. A dream full-filler. A loving husband. A father. A successful man. A happy man. A lifelong dreamer. An achiever. And much more… Many impossible dreams by one man, but deep down in my soul, I know I can make them all happen and I have a lifetime to make it so. I have the power to turn my dreams into reality. To shape my own destiny. Everything in existence once started as a thought or dream, yet someone somewhere chose to create it, to make it into a reality. All it takes is the choice to do so.

And I have chosen now.


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